Financial Scams: COVID-19 & Beyond

As COVID-19 continues to cause turmoil in the economy, scammers will try to defraud and deceive Georgians, using fear to trick innocent people who are already struggling during tough economic times. “Financial Scams: COVID-19 & Beyond” panelists identify and defend against fraud to protect vulnerable populations such as Georgia’s elderly providing unique insight on the kinds of scams and frauds Georgia’s elderly should look out for. In addition, the panelists will provide guidance on what to do if Georgians are solicited for a COVID-19 scam.

Speakers include Securities and Charities Division Director Noula Zaharis, AARP Georgia State President, SEC Atlanta Regional Office Regional Director Richard Best, and U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia Byungj. “Bjay”. The event is moderated by Donna Lowry, the host of GPB’s lawmakers.